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I had trouble linking my email account, why is that?
I had trouble linking my email account, why is that?
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We know it can be frustrating when you can’t login your email account to finish setting up the account. Our service provider MailTime can sometimes experience unexpected interruptions, here are some common situations when users wonder about binding their email accounts:

  1. Incorrect password or email address
    Make sure you enter the correct email address and password to bind your email account. For some email providers that you are using, you might have enabled 2 step verification to login, please make sure you follow the instructions of your email providers and you’ll be good to go.

    *Helpful links for users who set up 2 step verifications:
    Tutorials for Yahoo users , Click here.
    Tutorials for iCloud users, Click here.
    Tutorials for Outlook users, Click here.

    Tutorials for AOL users, Click here.

  2. What is App Password?
    Our service provider MailTime helps users login Gmail accounts with their Google App Passwords. Please follow the instructions in the app to finish setting up the App Password and successfully bind the account. The whole process normally asks users to enter their passwords twice.

  3. How many email accounts can I bind?
    Currently, we do not limit the number of accounts you can bind. Our service provider MailTime also support all the available email providers. However, it only makes sense to bind your most used accounts where you receive all the e-receipts, so you can be eligible for our shopping rewards! Also if the system detects abnormal attempts of massive new accounts login, your account might be suspended.

  4. If you still have trouble binding your email accounts, please contact Remember to include the email provider you’re using, for example, Yahoo, Gmail or iCloud, and the error message you see in the email.

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