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I had trouble linking my credit cards, why is that?
I had trouble linking my credit cards, why is that?
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We know it can be frustrating when you can’t login your email account to finish setting up the account. Our service provider Plaid, Planto, Credigo and Saltedge can sometimes experience unexpected interruptions, here are some common situations when that happens:

  1. Invalid Credentials and Error Messages
    It happens especially when entering the super long information about the cards. Make sure you double check there are no spelling, space, or character mistakes. This would also happen if you recently changed your credentials for a bank account, and did not update them in RewardMe. If that is the case, please first unlink that card, and try linking it again in the app.

  2. Your bank’s online use permission upgrades
    Sometimes your bank upgrades its security measures, which prevents you from linking the account at the moment. This should stop once the bank has verified your identity through its new security protocol, or has our service provider upgrades the measures with the banks.

  3. Network Delay
    Sometimes, our service providers might be experiencing some temporary network delay with your bank. If this happens, please try another time, or wait for a few minutes.

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