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How does referral work?
How does referral work?
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On the main menu page, you will see your own unique referral code from the “Referral” button. Share this code or link to your friends to invite them to join RewardMe.

When your friend registers with your referral code, in the Referral Page, you’ll be able to see the progress of your referral rewards. It will show “pending”. Once your friend gets their first shopping reward and meets all other conditions, both of you will be able to claim the referral rewards from the Referral Page.

Currently if you successfully invite 1 friend, you will be upgraded to the next membership level: Extra. After successfully inviting 20 friends, you will be upgraded to the Elite level!

Steps to earn the referral reward:

  1. Your friend should create a NEW account with your unique referral code

  2. Your friends should log in to their new account on a device that has NOT been associated with another RewardMe account before, for example, they should be using their own phones, not yours.

  3. Your friend must link an email account to RewardMe, and earn his/her first shopping reward by making transactions in his/her selected merchants.

  4. Once your friend's first shopping reward starts 'pending', both of you will be able to claim the referral rewards from the Referral Page.

The cap for numbers of successful referral is 1,000, which means you'll be able to receive referral rewards for 1,000 successful referrals only.

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