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What’s the Eligible and Fair Usage for Shopping Rewards?
What’s the Eligible and Fair Usage for Shopping Rewards?
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Once you bind your email accounts, you’ll be able to earn rewards on your shopping transactions in your selected merchants!

How will the rewards be counted? Is there a cap for the amount of rewards?


First of all, let’s go through the eligible amount for shopping rewards. The first 100 USD net amount of each order will be eligible for shopping rewards, and then be calculated for rewards.

For example, Jack is an elite member and are entitled for 4 merchants for shopping rewards.

He spent $500 USD at Amazon in one order Eligible amount : $100 USD Reward: 100 USD * 2% = 2 USD

Jack also spent 25 USD at Deliveroo in another order Eligible amount: $25 USD Reward: $25 USD * 2% = $ 0.5 USD

(Note: Numbers in this example including the percentage of rewards might not reflect the actual situation, for the rules will change occasionally)

For each month, there will be a cap at $1,000 USD eligible amount for all accounts, regardless of users’ membership level.

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