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RewardMe is an effortless reward app earns you rewards automatically on your phone without needing to upload receipts. All you need to do is bind your emails and select merchants you regularly purchase from. Rewards can be in the form of cash or cryptocurrency which can be redeemed for gift vouchers or liquidated on the exchange. The best part about RewardMe is that you get to enjoy extra rewards on top of other reward programs you’ve already signed up for!

Now, let’s get started on the RewardMe journey.


1. Sign Up

Sign up to a RewardMe account with your phone number. If you have trouble receiving the SMS verification code, please use the “Help” button in the top right hand corner. Our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Note: Please make sure you enter the correct phone number every time you want to sign back in.

2. Binding Accounts

2.1 Bind Email Accounts

To get shopping rewards, you need to bind your email account. Link your email and start earning your reward.

Click the “Add Email” button, and continue to enter your email address to connect.

We work with our partner MailTime service to securely link your email inbox. During this process your credentials will be safe and never be shared with RewardMe. After you successfully bind your email account, your RewardMe account will officially be ready!

For Gmail users, our service provider MailTime helps users login Gmail accounts with their Google App Passwords.

Please follow the instructions in the app step by step to finish setting up the App Password and successfully bind the account. The whole process normally asks users to enter their passwords twice.

3. Merchants

Currently RewardMe supports over 100 selected merchants for users to choose from. For starters, you can add any 2 merchants to the favorite merchant list to get rewards for. If you change your mind, you can also edit your merchant preference every 30 days.

The higher membership level, the more merchants you can add. For example, for Infinite Privilege members can add up to 10 merchants to earn rewards from.

If the merchant you want is not on the list, feel free to submit it to us. We will add features for you to manage your favorite merchants very soon. Please stay tuned.

Check our full merchant list here:

4. Membership Program (Privileges)

RewardMe offers 5 tiers of membership levels. For each level, users get to enjoy different levels of privileges and rewards! Let’s take a look at the following membership introduction:


2 selected merchants

0.5% shopping rewards


Just bind one email account successfully, you’ll become a proud Starter Member.


3 selected merchants

1% shopping rewards


Refer one friend to join RewardMe

And bind 2 emails


4 selected merchants

2% shopping rewards

8% p.a. MDT stake rewards paid in Me token (require staking for 180 days)


Refer 20 friend to sign up RewardMe to be Elite

Or stake 100,000 MDT


6 selected merchants

4% shopping rewards

12% p.a. MDT stake rewards paid in Me token (require staking for 180 days)


Stake 250,000 MDT to be Infinite

Infinite Privilege

10 selected merchants

10% shopping rewards

20% p.a. MDT stake rewards paid in Me token (require staking for 180 days)


Invitation Only

5. Referral

Invite your friends to RewardMe. You can earn a reward once your friend creates an account with your referral code and gets their first shopping reward.

After your friend has completed binding an email or credit card to RewardMe, they’ll be able to earn rewards on their shopping transactions in their selected merchants! You and your friend will get Reward Dollars once your friend gets their first shopping reward.

6. Rewards Summary

You can check how many rewards you’ve earned on RewardMe so far in Rewards Summary. And here’s a list of each purchase you made for a reward.

7. Wallet

In the wallet, users can view and manage their assets.

4.1 Withdraw MDT

Step 2: Click "Withdraw"

Step 3: Fill in the details

Make sure you enter the correct address, either ERC-20 or BEP-20 network, the address starts with "0x".

Step 4: Proceed to "Withdraw"

You will then need to verify your SMS code to initiate the withdrawal process. It takes several minutes to finish the transaction.


If you saw an error message, please makes sure: 1, you enter the correct address 2, you have sufficient MDT to withdraw 3, you did not input any symbols in the "amount"

If you think your transaction does not go through, please use the support button from the app and report this issue while including your "Phone Number, Txid, details of the issues. "

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