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'Pending' of cashback in 'Rewards Summary' ?
'Pending' of cashback in 'Rewards Summary' ?

New feature: Cashback status update

Written by Esther Kwong
Updated over a week ago

Now you can track the status of your cashback on eligible transactions in Rewards History.

Go to HOME > Rewards Summary > Reward History

How long does it take for RewardMe cashback?

Wait around 14 days from the date of your eligible transaction.

This verifying process is to check whether the order made has been completed. Cashback will be given only for completed purchases in which no cancellation changes upon order.

What do the statuses “Pending” and “Approved” mean?

When the eligible transaction is first reported, it will be given a “Pending” status.

Upon successful validation of your transaction, the status will be switched to “Approved”.

And your cashback reward will be paid!

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