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We understand that it is very frustrating to not receive OTP code.

The problem could be contributed by several reasons, common causes are for example:

1. you did not input your phone number with the correct international dialling format;

2. your SMS setting/mobile carrier has blocked the message;

3. your SMS/OTP code might fall into the 'SPAM' folder

4. you did not send the activation code to RewardMe's Whatsapp chatbot to get the OTP

Try look into these guides to troubleshoot:

If you run into the following error message:

Phone number is not valid

It indicates that you have NOT input your phone number in the correct international dialling format or you are not using a cell phone number. In this case, please double check and retry with the correct format.

If you succeed entering the following page but cannot receive an SMS OTP

It indicates that the system has sent you an SMS OTP already, but you can't see it for the following reasons:

1. the SMS OTP falls into your 'SPAM' folder; or

2. your SMS setting or mobile carrier setting has blocked the OTP

3. your phone is not receiving signal strong enough to receive SMS

If you fail to receive the code after retrying 2 times, please STOP retrying. Contact the RewardMe team immediately via the chat button in the app, send us screen captures or screen recordings to show us exactly which stage you were stuck at or any error messages that you ran into. And we will help to look into that for you.

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